IN THE STATES: Biden Vows To Protect Social Security, Medicare Against GOP Threats

In the states this week, local news highlighted the sharp contrast between President Biden’s commitment to looking out for working families and seniors and MAGA Republicans’ extreme plans to gut Social Security and Medicare. 

On Tuesday, President Biden gave the second State of the Union address of his presidency, speaking directly to the American people about the historic progress we have made over the past two years to rebuild the economy and his agenda for the future.

On Thursday, President Biden visited Tampa, Florida, to talk about his plan to protect Social Security and Medicare as Republicans threaten to cut these programs. 

Meanwhile, Floridians were reminded that Florida’s own GOP Senator Rick Scott not only put out a plan that could jeopardize Social Security and Medicare — he doubled and tripled down on it.

On Wednesday, President Biden traveled to Wisconsin to highlight how his economic agenda is delivering for working families. As just one example — since President Biden took office, private companies have committed to invest over $4 billion in Wisconsin. 

Also this week, President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law continues to allow for essential improvements with projects across the country, from road safety and bridges to clean water and electric vehicles.