IN THE STATES: Bidenomics is Working;  MAGA GOP Doubles Down on Anti-Choice Extremism

This week, President Biden continued his “Investing in America” tour highlighting how Bidenomics is helping to rebuild the middle class, bolster private investment in manufacturing and clean energy, create good-paying jobs for all Americans, and revitalize rural communities. On Thursday, President Biden visited the Flex LTD manufacturing plant in West Columbia, South Carolina, and announced that the company will create hundreds of new jobs in the state thanks to his agenda — and no thanks to South Carolina Republican lawmakers who voted against it. 

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In addition, Vice President Harris visited Arizona yesterday as a part of the “Investing in America” tour to emphasize the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to tribal communities, Native American maternal health, and water conservation.

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Throughout the week, members of the Biden-Harris administration traveled across the country on the “Investing in America” tour spotlighting historic private sector investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy, technology, and broadband thanks to the American Rescue Plan, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, CHIPS and Science Act, and Inflation Reduction Act

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Vice President Harris also took center stage at Essence Fest in New Orleans, Louisiana, over the weekend, spotlighting the state of reproductive rights and medical care one year post-Dobbs. The vice president also called attention to the detrimental effect of the Dobbs decision on Black maternal mortality rates across the US. Vice President Harris also condemned the recent Supreme Court decisions to strike down affirmative action and President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. 

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Meanwhile, MAGA Republicans are continuing their all-out war on women’s rights to make their own health care choices. On Wednesday, Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced a special session for Iowa lawmakers to pass new restrictive abortion laws that could further limit reproductive care just three weeks after the Iowa Supreme Court blocked the governor’s previous six-week abortion ban.