IN THE STATES: Bidenomics Is Working

In Chicago this week, President Biden highlighted Bidenomics – his vision for growing our economy from the middle out and bottom up, putting American workers first. Thanks to his leadership, we’ve seen a manufacturing boom across the country, created 13 million good paying jobs in just two and a half years, and lowered the unemployment rate to a historic low of  3.4% for the first time in 54 years. Here’s a glimpse of what they’re saying about the speech:

Throughout the week, state and local leaders took to the airwaves to discuss how Bidenomics is working in their states. Here are just a few examples: 

  • In Illinois: On CBS Chicago: Illinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton0(0%): “[Bidenomics is] focusing on growing the economy from the bottom up and from the middle out. Making sure that no one is left out or left behind in this economy, and ensuring that everyone has what they need. This really is an economy that works for all – that’s good for all of the people of America but it’s certainly good for the people of Illinois as well.”
  • In Illinois: On ABC Chicago: Illinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton0(0%): “[Bidenomics] is making sure that we build our roads and bridges but also create jobs. And that’s something that we’ve certainly benefited from right here in Illinois… hundreds of thousands of jobs, good-paying jobs – some of them that don’t even require a college degree. That’s the way that we continue to, again, build our economy.”
  • In New York: On NBC Rochester: Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan0(0%):  “…Minnesotans will feel these investments both from the federal government and from the state, and really be set up for success for… really  generational [change] that is coming from this White House and from this Capitol.” 
  • In Wisconsin: On ABC La Crosse: Wisconsin Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski0(0%): “What the Biden administration has done to help our economy here in Wisconsin, for starters, is provide good paying jobs – the administration has provided over 135,000 good paying jobs in our state. So, these are things that we are seeing, not just in theory, Wisconsin families are feeling in their pocketbooks and talking about around the kitchen table.”

On Monday, the Biden-Harris administration announced new investments to bring affordable, high-speed internet access to all 50 states and territories by 2030. The historic investment comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s BEAD (Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment) program, which will prioritize underserved and rural areas first to ensure that no American will be left behind.

  • In Alabama: AL.com0(0%): Alabama to get $1.4 billion from infrastructure law to expand broadband access in state
  • In Arkansas: Magnolia Banner-News0(0%): Arkansas to receive over $1B to expand broadband in state
  • In Iowa: Des Moines Register0(0%): Iowa receives $415M in federal funding to help bring high-speed Internet to all residents
  • In New Hampshire: WMUR1(20%): Nearly $197M coming to New Hampshire to improve high-speed internet access
  • In South Carolina: Live 5 News0(0%): Access to high-speed internet: South Carolina has the funding, now what?
  • In Texas: Texas Tribune0(0%): Texas to receive $3.3 billion in federal funds to boost broadband expansion efforts
  • In West Virginia: Metro News0(0%): Federal officials say $1.2 billion high-speed internet rollout will reach everyone in West Virginia

Meanwhile, throughout the week, MAGA Republicans like Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, Texas Senator John Cornyn, South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace, and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp have attempted to take credit for unprecedented state investments made through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, despite that fact that all of them voted against the legislation or disparaged it.

  • In Alabama: Alabama Political Reporter0(0%): Sewell, Dems secure $1.4 billion for broadband; Tuberville praises bill he voted against
  • In Alabama: AL.com0(0%): Tuberville praises $1.4 billion for broadband he voted against: Alabama GOP will ‘damn sure take credit,’ Doug Jones says
  • In Alabama: Alabama Daily News1(20%): Biden, Sewell mock Tuberville for broadband tweet
  • In Georgia: Atlanta News First0(0%): Kemp, Biden spar over credit for Georgia’s booming EV
  • In Georgia: Atlanta Journal-Constitution0(0%): White House claps back at Kemp’s attack on EV incentives
  • In South Carolina: WCSC 50(0%): Rep. Mace touts project funded by infrastructure bill she voted against
  • In South Carolina: ABC 40(0%): Rep. Nancy Mace celebrates funding from bill she voted against, state Democrats react
  • In South Carolina:  NBC 21(20%): Mace celebrates federal funding for CARTA amid pushback on voting record
  • In Texas: Houston Chronicle0(0%): White House slams John Cornyn for infrastructure vote amid ‘Bidenomics’ push
  • In Texas: Dallas Morning News0(0%): John Cornyn highlights billions in broadband funding for Texas — that he voted against 
  • In Texas: San Antonio Current1(20%): Sen. John Cornyn of Texas mocked for trumpeting federal broadband funding he voted against