IN THE STATES: Dems, Doctors Call Out GOP’s Dangerous Anti-Choice Agenda

In the states this week, as MAGA Republicans continue to push for abortion bans, even in cases of rape or incest, Democrats, health care professionals, and community leaders across the country are calling them out for their dangerous and extreme agenda. The message coming from Americans is clear: The right to choose is on the ballot this November and we need to elect Democrats to protect it. 

In Ohio this week, President Biden announced a new American Rescue Plan rule that will help protect millions of Americans’ pensions who could otherwise have seen substantial cuts to their benefits. On Thursday morning, Ohioans woke up to local headlines about how Democrats are working to save their pensions while every single GOP lawmaker voted against the American Rescue Plan, putting their retirement benefits at risk.

Also this week, the Biden-Harris administration announced nearly $1 billion in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding, which will improve airport terminals across the country and help Americans get where they’re going faster, easier, and with less emissions.