IN THE STATES: Dems Highlight What’s at Stake

With just 11 days left until Election Day, Democrats in states across the country are energizing voters and spreading the word about what’s at stake. This week, Chair Harrison traveled to North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot, while President Biden, Vice President Harris, and other Democratic leaders helped rally voters across the country ahead of the midterm elections. 

Also this week, President Biden visited upstate New York to highlight Micron’s $100 billion investment in semiconductor chips manufacturing, which will create good-paying jobs. The investment is the latest example of President Biden and Democrats’ success in revitalizing American manufacturing, despite congressional Republicans voting against bringing American jobs back home. 

And it’s not just manufacturing jobs that are booming — new data released last week shows states across the country are seeing record low unemployment thanks to the work of Biden and Democrats.  

And with Election Day around the corner, Republicans are still saddled with their extreme stances on abortion.