IN THE STATES: Dems Make Clear Americans Can’t Afford GOP’s Extreme Agenda

In the states this week, as we approach 100 days to Election Day, Democratic state parties across the country started to kick off “Too Extreme GOP” press tours and events to drive home the contrast between Republicans’ ultra-MAGA agenda of banning abortion with no exceptions and cutting Americans’ Medicare and Social Security benefits, and Democrats’ agenda of lowering costs for working people and protecting reproductive freedom. 

On Wednesday, 41 Senate Republicans voted against advancing the PACT Act — a bill that would expand health care access for combat veterans suffering from toxic burn pit exposure. Across the country, local news highlighted how Republicans took out their frustrations with Democrats working to lower drug prices on our veterans, voting to block veterans from receiving the health care they’ve earned. 

On Thursday, Democrats sent the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act – designed to make America more competitive with China, create jobs in the U.S., and help lower the price of goods – to President Biden’s desk, despite most House Republicans trying to block the bill and choosing to side with Big Pharma and China instead of voting to create jobs in America and secure our domestic supply chains. 

And throughout the past two weeks, Vice President Kamala Harris has traveled across the country, calling out Republicans for their extreme anti-choice agenda and emphasizing that Democrats are the last line of defense when it comes to protecting Americans’ reproductive freedom.