IN THE STATES: DNC Launches New Ad, Local Media Continues to Shine a Spotlight on President Biden’s Successes

In the lead-up to President Biden’s 100th day in office, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison sat down with local media across battleground states to highlight President Biden’s successful delivery of vaccines and jobs to the American people; the DNC unveiled a 30-second TV ad that thanks President Biden for getting America back on track; and local media continued to report on the many successes of President Biden’s presidency so far — from improving unemployment numbers to the many ways the American Rescue Plan continues to provide critical relief to those hit hardest by the pandemic.

Here’s a look at what voters in states across the country were reading — and seeing — this week:

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison kicked off a virtual regional media tour across several battleground states in the lead-up to President Biden’s 100th day in office. 

In Indiana:

WXIN Indianapolis: “In order to remain competitive, we have to continue to push forward, so [the American Jobs Plan] is an investment in our people, investment in our companies, and an investment in good jobs.”

In Pennsylvania:

KDKA Pittsburgh: “‘When you take a look at the bills that Joe Biden has proposed, they are overwhelmingly bipartisan in terms of the support of the American people,’ Jaime Harrison, the new chair of the Democratic National Committee, told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Monday.”

The Democratic National Committee unveiled a 30-second TV ad that highlights President Biden’s success in getting America back on track with vaccines in arms, stimulus checks in hand, and a million jobs created.  

  • Pennsylvania Capital-Star: “The Democratic National Committee is out with a new ad in the Pittsburgh media market touting what it says are President Joe Biden’s successes on getting Americans vaccinated and stimulus checks into their wallets.  Earlier this month, the DNC rolled out billboards in Philadelphia and Wilkes-Barre to thank Biden and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., for his yes vote on the stimulus.”

On Monday, every adult in America became eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We still have a way to go before everyone is fully vaccinated, but we’re making progress thanks to President Biden.

Across the country, people are reading about how President Biden’s American Jobs Plan would rebuild local infrastructure, create new jobs, and invest in research and development, so that we can make 21st-century products in the U.S. and sell them around the world.

From small business owners to child care providers, the American Rescue Plan continues to provide critical relief to those hit hardest by the pandemic. 

While there is still a lot of work to be done, employment numbers are improving across the country.