IN THE STATES: DNC Makes Biggest Investment in Virginia Ever; Democrats Continue to Deliver for Working Families

This week, the DNC announced plans to spend at least $5 million in Virginia ahead of the 2021 election to support Democrats up and down the ballot — the DNC’s biggest investment in the commonwealth in history. As DNC Chair Jaime Harrison said, “We are leaving no stone unturned in the fight to continue to defeat out of touch Virginia Republicans who are focused on kissing the ring of Donald Trump, no matter the cost.” 

CNN: DNC pledges to invest $5 million in Virginia ahead of key off-year elections

Yesterday, President Biden announced sanctions on Cuban officials, taking unprecedented steps to hold Cuban officials accountable for human rights violations and making clear that the United States stands with the brave Cubans who have taken to the streets to oppose 62 years of repression under a communist regime.

Meanwhile, millions of middle-class families across the country are continuing to tout the tax cut that hit bank accounts last week thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, and no thanks to Republicans in Congress who unanimously voted against it.

Lastly, President Biden and Democrats are continuing to work towards a historic infrastructure deal. State parties and local leaders this week continued to amplify the need to pass President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, which will help make life better for millions of Americans, create a generation of good-paying union jobs and economic growth, and position the United States to win the 21st century, including on many of the key technologies needed to combat the climate crisis.