IN THE STATES: GOP Doubles Down on Extreme MAGA Agenda

In the states this week, local news highlighted the contrast between President Biden’s agenda of lowering costs and creating jobs for working families and the extreme agendas that congressional Republicans and 2024 GOP presidential hopefuls are continuing to push.

Earlier this week, President Biden spoke in Maryland about his plan to reduce the deficit while investing in America, bringing down costs for families, and protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare. This is in stark contrast to MAGA Republicans’ economic proposals, which could increase the debt by over $3 trillion to provide massive giveaways to the super-rich and special interests.

As Nikki Haley formally launched her presidential campaign in South Carolina on Wednesday, Democrats are making sure voters know about Haley’s MAGA agenda, from her loyal defense of Donald Trump to her support for banning abortion and putting Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block. 

Also in South Carolina, Republicans in the state House pushed forward with a new abortion ban that would make nearly all abortions illegal.

And across the country, President Biden’s economic agenda is continuing to spur an American manufacturing boom. The Inflation Reduction Act is helping to create jobs around the country, from Michigan to Utah, most of which will not require a college degree.