IN THE STATES: GOP Still on Defense Over Abortion Bans

In the states this week, Republicans’ efforts to roll back reproductive freedom were on full display yet again. In West Virginia and Indiana, abortions are now banned in almost all cases:

And on the federal level, Lindsey Graham introduced a national abortion ban with the promise that if Republicans, “take back the House and the Senate, I can assure you we’ll have a vote on our [national abortion ban].” Here’s how that went over in the states:

Meanwhile, President Biden helped broker a new labor deal for rail workers and unions averting significant damage to the economy and keeping America’s trains running. The deal is an important win for the economy and for American workers.

Earlier this week, President Biden traveled to Michigan to visit the Detroit Auto Show and tout the electric vehicle manufacturing boom in America and the manufacturing jobs it will create in Michigan and across the country. Biden and Democrats are bringing manufacturing back to America thanks in part to their Inflation Reduction Act – which every congressional Republican voted against.

Vice President Harris meanwhile was in Buffalo, New York on Wednesday to tout the Inflation Reduction Act, which is cutting costs and creating jobs for middle-class families across the country, as well as investing in our clean energy future.