IN THE STATES: Holiday Week Headlines Show Biden, Dems Investing in America

In the states this week, Americans have been reading about how Democrats are making investments in communities across the country – from low unemployment rates in states to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law making affordable high-speed internet more accessible. And in Georgia, many voters will be able to get to the polls tomorrow to cast their ballots early ahead of the runoff election, thanks to Democrats who fought against Republican efforts to limit early voting.  

Also this week, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Cherry Point, North Carolina and joined Governor Roy Cooper and his wife to meet with military personnel and their families for a Friendsgiving celebration. 

And a week after its one-year anniversary, President Biden and Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is continuing to make headlines for its investments into communities across the country, spurring everything from access to more affordable internet, to faster commutes, to safer roads and bridges, and more down the road.

Meanwhile, as President Biden continues to lead a historic jobs recovery and grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out, states across the country are still seeing historically low unemployment rates.