IN THE STATES: Local News, Biden Call Out GOP Extremism

This week, President Biden hit the road to highlight how Democrats are delivering for the American people and call out MAGA Republican extremism. Last night in Philadelphia, the president called out MAGA Republican officials’ attacks on democracy and rallied the country around protecting the soul of the nation. And in Wilkes-Barre Tuesday, President Biden emphasized that while MAGA Republicans voted against funding that has benefited law enforcement, Democrats are investing in making our communities safer.

Here’s what Pennsylvanians were reading this week about President Biden’s visits:

Meanwhile, local headlines across the country called out MAGA Republicans for trying to hide their extreme positions on abortion – or straight up lying about them. 

Thanks to President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS and Science Act, and his Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, companies from coast to coast announced plans to create thousands of new manufacturing jobs this week.

In addition, local news in North Carolina was full of headlines about Vice President Harris’s trip to Durham to discuss how the Inflation Reduction Act will cut costs and make health care more accessible and affordable, including the price of prescription drugs.