IN THE STATES: President Biden Kicks Off “Investing in America” Tour as GOP Pushes MAGA Agenda

In the states this week, local news featured President Biden kicking off his administration’s “Investing in America” tour in North Carolina, which over the next few weeks will highlight how the president’s economic policies are benefiting hard-working Americans across the country and reinforce what’s at stake if MAGA Republicans in Congress get their way, repeal the Inflation Reduction Act and slash funding for manufacturing, research, and innovation. 

Here’s what they’re saying about President Biden’s visit to the Tar Heel State:

The Biden-Harris administration and Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act is continuing to deliver historic investments to working families. Here is just some of the recent coverage on Democrats’ investments across the country:

While President Biden and Democrats remain focused on delivering for the American people, Republicans around the country continue to prioritize their extreme MAGA agenda. In the wake of the tragic school shooting in Nashville, Florida Republicans sent a permitless carry bill to Ron DeSantis’ desk on Thursday at his urging. This legislation could make it easier for criminals to carry guns, and DeSantis has gone even further by expressing support for open carry legislation.

DeSantis also held a book tour event at a gun store in Georgia just days after the horrific school shooting in Nashville, prompting backlash for his attempt to boost his national profile and win over the MAGA base by standing with the gun lobby over children’s lives.

And across the country, Republicans continue to press forward with their efforts to ban abortion: