IN THE STATES: President Biden’s Agenda Continues To Deliver

In the states this week, President Biden’s manufacturing boom continued as Enel North America announced plans to build a $1 billion solar plant near Tulsa, Oklahoma, thanks in part to the Biden-Harris administration’s Inflation Reduction Act.

  • In Oklahoma: Tulsa World: Enel to build $1 billion solar panel plant at Tulsa Port of Inola

In California, Vice President Harris announced the world’s largest semiconductor tech site will be built in the San Francisco Bay Area, building on the Biden-Harris administration’s work to restore U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing and create more good-paying manufacturing jobs.

  • In California: KGO: World’s largest semiconductor tech site being built in SF Bay Area, says VP Kamala Harris

Meanwhile, Biden-Harris 2024 campaign co-chairs and National Advisory Board members from across the country hit the airwaves to tout President Biden and Vice President Harris’ strong record of accomplishments for the American people and their campaign to finish the job.

  • In Illinois: Biden-Harris National Co-Chair Senator Tammy Duckworth on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart: “The president is strong, he has led this country out of a global pandemic, he passed historic legislation that invested in our nation’s infrastructure, the CHIPS and Science Act is bringing critical manufacturing back to the United States. … The president is going to run on his own record.”
  • In Maryland: Biden-Harris National Advisory Board Member Governor Wes Moore on MSNBC’s Morning Joe: “When you think about what’s happened and the record that the Biden administration has had in partnership with us … just for the state of Maryland, that we’ve been able to activate and deploy upwards of $1.9 billion because of the infrastructure act to go towards our roads and our bridges and mass transit projects … In my first weeks of office, we had the president here in Maryland, where we were announcing a project for the Frederick Douglass Tunnel that’s going to be responsible for upwards of 30,000 jobs here in the state of Maryland. Right now in Maryland, we have a historic, historically low unemployment rate. So when we talk about pathways for work, wages, and wealth, when we talk about economic growth … I think the Biden administration has a very strong argument to make. And I can tell you right now as the governor of one of the states, having him as a partner has mattered in our ability to move as fast as we are economically as a state.”
  • In Michigan: Biden-Harris National Advisory Board Member Mayor Mike Duggan on NPR Detroit: “We have the country with record low unemployment but I tell you, in the city of Detroit at 5.4 percent unemployment this month — it’s the lowest unemployment rate in 25 years. It is remarkable the way people have gone back to work and going back to work in good-paying jobs … right now everybody in Detroit who wants a good-paying job can get one, and that’s something I’ve waited a long time to see, it’s something that wasn’t true under President Trump and is true today under Joe Biden. The batteries in the vehicles of the future are being made in America and made in Michigan, it’s just terrific and something I never thought I’d see.” 
  • In Ohio: Biden-Harris National Advisory Board Member Congresswoman Shontel Brown on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation: “I can tell you, being a member of the 117th Congress, having delivered some of the greatest historic legislation in this nation’s history in coordination with the Biden-Harris administration — Democrats are the ones who are correcting people’s problems as it relates to roads, bridges, public transit, education, safer communities, health care. So these are the things that are top of mind of people and it’s also at the top of mind to Democrats and we’re going to go into every community and champion that message loud and proud.”

At the same time, Republicans in North Carolina and South Carolina continued the GOP’s relentless anti-abortion tirade, passing extreme abortion bans that will strip away women’s ability to make their own health care decisions. 

  • In North Carolina: The Daily Beast: North Carolina Guv Rips State GOP for Ignoring ‘Will of the People’ With Abortion Ban
  • In South Carolina: WCBD: Gov. McMaster signs Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act into law

And not to be missed… on Wednesday evening, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis struggled to launch his 2024 campaign for president due to technical glitches and multiple Twitter Spaces crashes. Here’s a look at just a few examples of how poorly his announcement was received across editorial board pages back home in Florida: