IN THE STATES: Republicans Play Politics with the Economy

This week, after making clear they’re willing to play politics with the American economy, Republicans finally caved and got out of the way so Democrats could responsibly raise the debt ceiling. Throughout the week, state parties across key states worked to make sure voters understood the consequences of Republicans’ reckless games on the debt ceiling. As Pennsylvania Capital-Star’s John Micek put it, “The debate isn’t academic. A failure to reach a deal would have hit Keystone Staters and their families right in their wallets.”

Meanwhile, President Biden and Vice President Harris spent the week in several states talking about the urgent need to get more Americans vaccinated, and touting key provisions of the Build Back Better agenda, which would lower costs for working families and grow the economy — all paid for by making the wealthiest Americans and big corporations pay their fair share. 

Lastly, local news outlets across the country are still full of reports about how American Rescue Plan funds continue to give local communities a much-needed boost, thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan. The package — which passed without a single Republican vote — is providing significant investments to fill the gaps created by the pandemic, make needed technology improvements, and empower local and tribal governments to continue supporting the public health response to the pandemic.