IN THE STATES (Special Edition): Republicans Are in Deep, Messy, Unbridled Chaos

In case you’ve missed it, this week has brought Republicans a bevy of bad headlines brought on by their continued refusal to do anything to actually help American families besides mudsling at each other over who’s the most beholden to Donald Trump and who’s the worst at managing money. Taking the spotlight are GOP state parties who are in absolute disarray across the country.

In response, DNC spokesperson Rhyan Lake released the following statement:

“With Donald Trump at the helm, Republicans are subsumed by the same extremism and chaos that have been losing them elections across the country over and over again since 2020. While Democrats are heading into November clear-eyed and ready to defeat MAGA at the ballot box once again, we appreciate the GOP’s relentless commitment to showing the American people their complete inability to govern themselves or anyone else at any level.”

See for yourself:

New York Times: Inside the G.O.P.’s State Party Problem

Key Point: “With former President Donald J. Trump tightening his grip on the Republican presidential nomination, the widespread problems have caused deepening concern among top Republican officials. There is no one explanation for the disparate party struggles in the swing states that matter most for the presidency. But across the map, state parties have become combat zones for the broader struggles inside the G.O.P. between the party’s old guard and its ascendant Trump wing, with rifts that can prove divisive and costly.”

ABC News: Swing state Republican parties are in chaos. That could matter in November.

Key Point: “In Michigan, Arizona and Georgia, intense internal battles are tearing through the state Republican parties. The fights largely pivot around divisions that opened up in the wake of the last presidential election. A new cadre of Trump-loyalist party leaders, in many cases propelled into power based on their defense of the Big Lie that former President Donald Trump actually won in 2020, have found themselves at war with more establishment-aligned Republicans … and, increasingly, with each other.”

AZ Mirror: Jeff DeWit boasted about his fundraising prowess. The AZGOP’s finances are in shambles. | Opinion

Key Point: “The Jeff DeWit era at the Arizona Republican Party officially ended in an ugly and public way, when the former state treasurer was forced to resign last month after Kari Lake claimed him as a trophy. … But DeWit was already on thin ice with many Republicans for his mismanagement of the state party. In particular, there were mounting concerns about the party’s sagging finances, which were so bad that some had begun openly wondering if he was steering the AZGOP into bankruptcy.”

CBS News Detroit: Fight among pro-Trump factions in Michigan undercuts Republicans in a key 2024 state

Key Point: “Today, the party’s finances are so dire that Karamo has sued former party leaders so she can get permission to sell the organization’s headquarters. And she’s refusing to leave her post even as former President Donald Trump and national Republicans have installed a new ally in her place. … While Trump is widely expected to win Tuesday’s Michigan primary, his campaign is trying to improve Republican standing in a state that could decide a potential Trump rematch in November with Democratic President Joe Biden. But some of Trump’s most ardent supporters aren’t going along with his efforts to replace Karamo and they openly question his judgment.”