IN THEIR OWN WORDS: House Republicans Are Targeting Social Security, Medicare

Republicans are trying their best to obscure their extreme agenda to attack Social Security and Medicare from the American people – but House Republicans have already admitted they want to come after these critical programs.

House Republicans have already exposed their plans to attack Social Security and Medicare.

Congressman Michael Waltz: “I agree with Jim Jordan that we are going to carve out woke policies out of the military… [but] if we really want to talk about the debt and spending, it’s the entitlements program.” 

Bloomberg Law: “The discussion about creating commissions indicates some policy proposals floated by Republicans on entitlements — such as increasing the eligibility age or adding means-testing measures — are a possibility, even as GOP leaders say they’re not negotiating policy changes directly as part of a debt-limit vote. ‘I wouldn’t think it’d be off the table,’ Rep. Kevin Hern (Okla.), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said last week of the Trust Act. ‘I would hope it wouldn’t be.’”

Targeting Social Security and Medicare is a priority in the GOP’s MAGA agenda.

Washington Post: “In recent days, a group of GOP lawmakers has called for the creation of special panels that might recommend changes to Social Security and Medicare, which face genuine solvency issues that could result in benefit cuts within the next decade. Others in the party have resurfaced more detailed plans to cut costs, including by raising the Social Security retirement age to 70, targeting younger Americans who have yet to obtain federal benefits.”

NBC News: “The Republican Study Committee, a large group of House conservatives, proposed a budget in June that would incrementally raise the retirement age to collect Social Security, based on changing life spans, and lower benefits…”

Don’t forget: Trump proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare every year he was in office.

Trump’s FY21 budget proposal called for a net cut of $480 billion from Medicare and $24 billion from Social Security programs.

Trump’s FY20 budget proposed cutting $575 billion from Medicare and $26 billion from Social Security programs.

Trump’s FY19 budget proposed cutting $554 billion from Medicare and $72.5 billion from SSDI and Supplemental Security Income.

Trump’s FY18 budget proposed a $70 billion cut to SSDI benefits.