Instead Of Protecting Americans, Trump Politicizes The Coronavirus

Trump continues to put American lives at risk to fuel his own ego. Trump has ignored the health and safety of immigrants, workers, and his own supporters, and defied his own administration’s health guidelines. And instead of doing more to contain the coronavirus, Trump has politicized his response, all to further his own interests.

After holding an indoor rally in Nevada to fuel his own ego, Trump held yet another mostly maskless, crowded indoor event in Arizona.

New York Times: “Longtime advisers said [Trump’s rallies] were as important for managing a candidate who needed the cheering crowds to feel energized as they were for energizing the supporters themselves.”

New York Times: “But more than 100 people, a majority of them not wearing masks, packed into a hotel ballroom in Arizona for an event on Monday that was billed as a modest round table with the president.”

Trump says he’s the “law and order” candidate, but his rallies openly defy state emergency orders and his own administration’s health guidelines.

Associated Press: “President Donald Trump is running as the ‘law and order’ candidate. But that hasn’t stopped him and his campaign from openly defying state emergency orders and flouting his own administration’s coronavirus guidelines as he holds ever-growing rallies in battleground states.”

Trump has ignored the threat of coronavirus to the health and safety of immigrants, workers, and even his own supporters.

NBC: “Trump ignores COVID-19 risk to supporters with indoor rallies”

Washington Post: “More than 200 meat plant workers in the U.S. have died of covid-19. Federal regulators just issued two modest fines.”

Washington Post: “ICE flew detainees to Virginia so the planes could transport agents to D.C. protests. A huge coronavirus outbreak followed.”

Instead of being honest, Trump downplayed the threat early on and now his administration continues to politicize its coronavirus response.

Axios: “A slew of recent reporting suggests deep politicization of the Trump administration’s coronavirus response.”

New York Times: “The top communications official at the powerful cabinet department in charge of combating the coronavirus made outlandish and false accusations on Sunday that career government scientists were engaging in ‘sedition’ in their handling of the pandemic and that left-wing hit squads were preparing for armed insurrection after the election.”