It Only Took Four Years And A New President, But Infrastructure Week Is Finally Here

After four years of Donald Trump’s empty promises and laughable inability to make a deal, infrastructure week is finally here. In just a few months, President Biden has delivered on his promise of a bipartisan deal to put our country back on track, create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, and invest in our country’s infrastructure.

  • The Guardian: “Among the major new investments, the bipartisan package is expected to provide $110bn for roads and bridges, $39bn for public transit and $66bn for rail. There’s also set to be $55bn for water and wastewater infrastructure as well as billions for airports, ports, broadband internet and electric vehicle charging stations.”
  • CBS News: “Mr. Biden was active in discussions over the infrastructure proposal, hosting Senate negotiators at the White Houses and working the phones during the weeks of talks. The plan, he said last week after the deal was reached, is evidence that elected officials in Washington are still capable of bipartisanship.”
  • Forbes: “Senate Unveils $1 Trillion Package To Improve The Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure And Create Millions Of New Jobs”
  • Associated Press: “It’s in and it’s big: Senate unveils $1T infrastructure bill”

Last week, the DNC released a new video highlighting President Biden actually delivering on infrastructure in ways Donald Trump never could: