It’s Like Deja Vu, Only 1.6 Million Times Worse

The Republican National Committee is paying for Donald Trump’s approval, literally. New reporting shows that the RNC has actually agreed to spend as much as $1.6 million toward paying Donald Trump’s personal legal bills. 

The Republican Party continues to make it crystal clear they have sold out to Donald Trump despite him costing them the House, Senate, and White House.

New York Times: “Under the unusual arrangement, the Republican Party is paying to defend the former president as he faces investigations into his private business practices.”

MSNBC: “Self-proclaimed rich man Donald Trump turns GOP into his personal piggy bank”

Washington Post: “GOP agrees to pay up to $1.6 million of Trump’s legal bills in N.Y. probes”

Insider: “The GOP agreed to pay $1.6 million of Trump’s legal fees from NY investigations into his private businesses, reports say”