Job Creators Are Urging Donald Trump To Stay In Paris Climate Agreement

 In response to reports that Donald Trump plans to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement job creators are urging Trump to remain part of this landmark and historic agreement:


  • CNN Money: “Technology Giants Like Microsoft, Apple, And Google Have Encouraged Trump To Stay In The Paris Climate Agreement.”


  • AP: “Shell CEO Ben van Beurden told NPR earlier this month that talk of leaving the Paris accord risked creating the ‘unpredictability’ that makes business decisions harder.”


  • AP: “‘We need a framework like that to address the challenge of climate change, the risk of climate change,’ Darren Woods, CEO of Exxon Mobil, said Wednesday.”


  • NPR: “More than 360 companies and investors made their plea in an open letter to Trump, President Obama and members of Congress. They called on Trump to ‘continue U.S. participation in the Paris agreement,’ which he has threatened to scrap, and invest in the ‘low carbon economy at home and abroad.’”


  • CNN Money: “Elon Musk To Trump: Ditch Paris Deal And I'll Quit As Your Adviser.”


  • Reuters: “U.S. Coal Companies Ask Trump To Stick With Paris Climate Deal”


  • Washington Post: “But as the clock ticked this week toward the expected 3 p.m. announcement in the Rose Garden, several CEOs have made last-minute appeals to the president, appearing to hope that threats, full-page advertisements and direct calls could help sway Trump.”


Abandoning the Paris Climate Agreement would have very serious economic and societal consequences for the United States. Donald Trump’s recklessness in the face of scientific fact impedes the historic nature of this global agreement. Our country must continue being an example when combatting climate change both at both and abroad.