Just Checking In On Kristi Noem

Hey Kristi Noem, seems like you’ve really been going through it so we just wanted to check in and see if you had any updates on the allegations of your blatant nepotism and misuse of government funds and resources to benefit your family and friends. Just in case you missed it, we’re happy to show you the stories South Dakotans are reading. 

Argus Leader: Judges ask for more information on allegations of nepotism, misuse of state-owned airplanes by Gov. Noem

“Gov. Kristi Noem’s use of state-owned airplanes, and allegations she abused her power to benefit of one of her children’s professional careers, are under the microscope again this week in South Dakota.”

“While details from the board are scarce, at least two of the complaints heard Monday morning were formally referred to it by the South Dakota attorney general and are connected to claims that Noem used state-owned airplanes for personal and political uses and that she used her office to pressure the executive director of the South Dakota Appraiser Certification Program to grant Noem’s daughter an appraisers license.”

Associated Press: South Dakota ethics board wants more information on Noem

“South Dakota’s Government Accountability Board called Monday for more information in at least one ethics complaint against Gov. Kristi Noem as it weighed multiple requests from the attorney general to consider whether the governor twice abused the powers of her office.”

 “Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg asked the board to consider two issues: Whether Noem’s use of state airplanes should be investigated for breaking the law and concerns about whether she interfered in a state agency that was evaluating her daughter’s application for a real estate appraiser license. The board also considered a third complaint, but the details of who made it or whom it was against were not public.”
“Noem has faced scrutiny over the matter since The Associated Press reported that just days after the Department of Labor and Regulation moved to deny her daughter’s application for an appraiser license last year, Noem called a meeting with her daughter, the labor secretary and the then-director of the appraiser certification program. Noem’s daughter received her license four months later.”

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