Kavanaugh Believes Trump Is Above The Law

Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Kavanaugh, is a threat to the Affordable Care Act and a threat to women’s health.


Now, we know Kavanaugh is a threat to our system of checks and balances.  Kavanaugh believes the president is above the law – especially dangerous considering President Trump believes the same.


Kavanaugh has expressed disturbing views of presidential power and would fail to be an independent check on Trump.


  • Kavanaugh believes that Trump cannot be indicted.


  • Kavanaugh said he wanted to “put the final nail” in a Supreme Court ruling upholding the constitutionality of creating an independent counsel.


  • Kavanaugh believes Trump should be able to fire at will the prosecutor that investigates him.


  • Kavanaugh said the president “should have absolute discretion” about whether and when he can be investigated by an independent counsel.


  • Kavanaugh believes that Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should define and monitor the special counsel's jurisdiction.