Kavanaugh Is A Threat To Workers

Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Kavanaugh, is a threat to Americans’ health care and women’s rights. Kavanaugh is also a threat to workers across the country.


Kavanaugh has consistently ruled in favor of businesses and against their workers:


  • Kavanaugh ruled against casino workers, allowing police to issue criminal citations against union protestors whom the casino said were trespassing.


  • Kavanaugh ruled against workers in a case granting the Defense Department the authority to temporarily curtail the collective bargaining rights of its civilian employees.


  • Kavanaugh was the only judge to rule in favor of a company that refused to bargain with its union and argued that most of its employees weren’t covered by collective bargaining law because they were undocumented immigrants.


  • Kavanaugh ruled that employers can require workers to waive their right to picket and order employees to stop displaying pro-union signs or wearing union shirts.


  • Kavanaugh issued the lone dissent in a ruling finding that SeaWorld had violated workplace safety standards in a case where a trainer had been killed by a killer whale.