Kevin McCarthy Hits the Road With Marjorie Taylor Greene

Following up on his disastrous week where America saw just how far Kevin McCarthy is willing to debase himself to appease Donald Trump and the most extreme members of his caucus, the House Republican leader is starting off his week with Marjorie Taylor Greene – a conspiracy theorist who spends her time cozying up to white nationalists

One thing’s for sure – Kevin McCarthy has fully handed over the reins of his caucus to the most extreme MAGA members of the Republican Party. 

CNN: “McCarthy to lead GOP lawmakers, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, to southern border”

CNN: “Greene, an extreme pro-Trump lawmaker, has warned McCarthy will have to satisfy a series of demands before he gets votes for speaker from her and like-minded Republican representatives.”

Washington Post: “McCarthy’s decision to run to Trump in a moment of crisis fit a pattern he has followed since violent pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol to disrupt and delay the ratification of Joe Biden’s 2020 victory.”

Washington Post: “If this doesn’t prompt Republicans to think hard about whether to elevate McCarthy to the speakership, should they win control of the House in November, it will add another ignoble chapter to the modern history of a Republican Party that has soiled itself in bending under Trump’s grip.”