Here are key takeaways from the whistleblower complaint released this morning:

“LOCK DOWN” ALL RECORDS: After the call, the White House sought to “lock down” all records of the phone call.

“NOT THE FIRST TIME”: According to White House officials, this is not the first time the administration has covered up documents in a separate computer system.

MULTIPLE OFFICIALS: The whistleblower complaint cites information from multiple officials that Trump abused his power to solicit election interference from a foreign country.

OFFICIALS KNEW TRUMP ABUSED HIS POWER: White House officials immediately knew they had witnessed the president abuse his power for personal gain.

UKRANIAN LEADERSHIP LED TO BELIEVE THEY HAD TO “PLAY BALL”: Multiple officials said that Ukranian leadership was led to believe that the phone call would depend on the Ukranian president’s willingness to “play ball” on multiple issues.

RUDY HURT NATIONAL SECURITY: Giuliani met frequently outside official channels with Ukrainian leaders, forcing State Department officials to step in to “contain the damage” to national security.