Lara Trump Can’t Run Away from Her Father-In-Law’s Record of Broken Promises to North Carolinians

Today, while Lara Trump is in North Carolina, the DNC is highlighting the Trump administration’s record of broken promises:

  • Trump’s efforts to destroy the Affordable Care Act could leave 503,000 North Carolinians without coverage and return us to the days when insurance companies denied coverage for preexisting conditions.

  • Trump has repeatedly lied about his tax scam. In 2015, he told North Carolina he would pass “the biggest tax cut of anybody by far” and promised “the middle class is getting the biggest part of it.” Yet the richest 5% of North Carolina taxpayers will receive 53% of his tax cuts this year.

  • Donald Trump promised to look out for North Carolina’s rural communities, only to turn around and push for policies that hurt rural families:

    • Trump’s budget sought to slash funding for rural housing programs .

    • Trump’s budget called for deep cuts to farm safety net programs – including crop insurance premium subsidies.

    • Trump called for cuts to conservation programs that help North Carolina farmers mitigate the effects of climate change and natural disasters.

DNC spokesperson Enrique Gutierrez released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s ineffective record speaks for itself. He’s broken every major promise he made to North Carolinians and even his daughter-in-law can’t defend his record.”