Latinos Continue to Suffer the Consequences of Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response

The Trump administration’s failed coronavirus response continues to affect Americans across the country. However, Latinos continue to feel the brunt of this administration’s mismanagement of the pandemic and of the economic recession. With Hispanic coronavirus infection and death rates higher than the overall population, Hispanic unemployment still near a record high, and Latino small businesses struggling to access PPP funds, it’s clear that Trump has abandoned Latinos.

In nearly every state, Latinos have a disproportionate amount of coronavirus infections.

Politico: “Coronavirus infections have rapidly increased among Latinos in the past two months, outpacing other racial and ethnic minorities. Latinos make up a disproportionate share of the cases in nearly every state, and are more than four times higher than their share of the population in some states. That’s raising alarms for doctors and public health officials as they see hospitalizations on the rise.”

Latinos and Black Americans have coronavirus mortality rates that dwarf that of White Americans. 

Axios: “Black and Hispanic/Latino Americans have coronavirus mortality rates as much as 10x higher than white Americans’ when age is taken into account, according to a new analysis by the Brookings Institution.”

Politico: “The danger is elevated, especially among younger minorities. Latinos aged 35 to 44 have a coronavirus mortality rate nearly eight times higher than white people in that age group — and Black people in the same age range have a mortality rate nine times higher than white people. The inequity persists with Latinos age 25 to 34 and those 45 to 54, who have a coronavirus mortality rate at least five times higher than caucasians, according to new Harvard analysis of National Center for Health Statistics data on reported coronavirus deaths from February to May 20.”

Hispanic workers have experienced a disproportionate amount of job loss during the pandemic. 

The Washington Post: “Hispanics are nearly twice as likely as whites to have lost their jobs amid the coronavirus shutdowns, according to a Washington Post-Ipsos poll, underlining that the pandemic is wreaking a disproportionate toll on some racial and ethnic groups. The poll finds that 20 percent of Hispanic adults and 16 percent of blacks report being laid off or furloughed since the outbreak began in the United States, compared with 11 percent of whites and 12 percent of workers of other races.”

Pew Research: “Hispanic women have experienced a steeper decline in employment (‑21%) in the COVID-19 downturn than other women or men.”

Latino small business owners struggled to obtain PPP loans because of the bungled implementation by the Trump administration—and nearly one-third have been forced to close. 

Cronkite News: “About half of low-income Latino households and just as many Latino-owned businesses said they have not received any support from the massive COVID-19 relief bills, according to a nationwide poll released Wednesday.  The survey of 1,800 Latinos across all 50 states oversampled residents of six states, including Arizona. What it found was 48% of Latino households making under $25,000 did not receive any support. The same was true for small Latino-owned businesses, half which reported not being able to receive loans under the original stimulus bill.”

NBC News: “A survey of more than 500 Latino small business owners showed just 97 of respondents who applied for loans got any money in the first round of PPP funding.”

Bloomberg: “The pandemic has hit entrepreneurs across the board, closing some 3.3 million small businesses at least temporarily… Hispanic small business owners also fared poorly, with a 32% decline over the period.”