Leading Republicans Push Extreme MAGA Agenda on Abortion

The majority of the American people support access to safe and legal abortion, and Republicans are proving just how dangerously out of touch they are. Instead of protecting the constitutional right to an abortion, Republicans are pushing a MAGA-agenda that could jail doctors, outlaw some contraceptives, and implement a nationwide ban on abortion.

One by one, Republican leaders are blowing the door wide open on their MAGA agenda to weaponize the anticipated Supreme Court decision and push for extreme measures to take away constitutional rights of the American people: 

Fox News: “Gov. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., responded to the alleged draft of a forthcoming Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs v. Women’s Health Organization striking down Roe v. Wade with a pledge to convene a special session of the South Dakota legislature to limit abortion should the Court’s final ruling strike down the 1973 precedent.”

Forbes: “Texas Gov. Abbott Still Refuses To Add Rape And Incest Exemptions To Abortion Law”

Public Radio Tulsa: “Stitt signs bill criminalizing abortion in Oklahoma with no exceptions for rape, incest”

Yahoo! News: “During his dozen years in Congress from 2001 to 2013, Pence pushed hard for a ‘personhood’ bill that would define life as starting at conception and to defund Planned Parenthood completely, a fight that earned him almost unshakable support from social conservatives and the Christian right.”