LISTEN: Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Joins IDP Chair Rita Hart To Kick Off Iowa State Fair

Today, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart held a press conference on the first day of the Iowa State Fair to contrast 2024 Republicans’ MAGA agenda with President Biden and Democrats’ record of success.


Read highlights from the press conference below:

  • “There’s folks that are going to  want to fight the culture wars. You’re not going to find us debating the values of slavery, you’re not going to hear those types of conversations. You’re not going to hear us talk about reducing personal freedoms,” said Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. “We’ve got an opportunity to continue to move this country forward. We have an opportunity in the states to use the policies that the Biden-Harris administration put forward to strengthen the middle class, to strengthen and build from the bottom up and the middle out. Those are real opportunities.”
  • “We’ve seen these Republican candidates coming through the state, they’re here today, they’re talking about their extreme agenda, they are tripping over themselves to make sure that we understand that they are not supportive of Medicare and Social Security, that they support book bans and stripping away women’s rights, and that they are in favor of going after public school education,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart.