LOCAL HEADLINES: Biden Helps Make High Speed Internet More Affordable

Families across New Hampshire, Louisiana, Virginia, and West Virginia are going to get more accessible and affordable internet service thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan. This morning, the Biden-Harris administration announced the first four states to receive broadband funding from the American Rescue Plan’s $10 billion Capital Projects Fund, which will help bring down internet costs and ultimately expand access to affordable high speed internet for the millions of Americans who currently lack it. 

This is only the latest move by President Biden to help cut internet costs. The president’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes $65 billion to expand affordable broadband access, and many states have used additional funding from the American Rescue Plan to make it easier and more affordable to access the internet. 

Here’s a look at some of the local coverage of President Biden’s latest push to lower costs: 

New Hampshire

West Virginia