LOCAL HEADLINES: Biden Pushes to Lower Housing Costs

Yesterday, President Biden unveiled his Housing Supply Action Plan to help lower housing costs over time by boosting the supply of quality housing in communities across the country. President Biden’s plan involves creating and preserving hundreds of thousands of affordable housing units in the next three years to increase the amount of affordable housing available.

In addition to this plan, the Biden-Harris administration is taking  other actions to reduce costs for working families, including lowering health insurance premiums and working to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Meanwhile, Republicans don’t have a plan to tackle inflation, and instead are focused on pushing their ultra-MAGA agenda of raising taxes on half of Americans and sunsetting Medicare and Social Security. 

Here’s a look at some of the local coverage of President Biden’s latest push to lower costs: 

North Carolina: ABC 11: President Biden announces plan to ease burden of housing costs

“The Biden Administration announced a plan to ease the burden of housing costs. The administration said the goal is to close the housing supply gap over time. Some of the things the plan is designed to accomplish include closing America’s housing supply shortfall in five years.”

Ohio: The Columbus Dispatch: Affordable housing: Biden Administration offering cities incentives for zoning changes

“The Biden Administration wants cities across Ohio to build more affordable housing, and they’re willing to spend billions of dollars for it […] [HUD Secretary] Fudge’s announcement in Columbus was part of a larger rollout of President Joe Biden’s Housing Supply Action Plan, which aims to ‘ease the burden of housing costs over time, by boosting the supply of quality housing in every community.’”

Illinois: WCIA: Affordable housing plan aims to bring down high costs of living

“The government wants to help renters and homeowners with rising housing costs. The Biden administration announced a new affordable housing plan on Monday. Deputy National Economic Council Director Bharat Ramamurti says the focus is increasing the supply of available living spaces. ‘The way to bring costs down for families in a sustainable way is to make sure that there are more homes available,’ Ramamurti said.”


“On Monday, the White House announced steps to increase and protect affordable housing nationwide by using federal funds as an incentive for reforms in a move to counter rising inflation. The White House plan will use funding from the bipartisan infrastructure law to control housing costs.”

South Dakota: KEVN: Biden-Harris Administration aiming to ease the burden of high housing costs

“The Biden-Harris Administration released a five-year comprehensive housing supply action plan designed to ease the burden of housing costs, a plan that could have a big impact in Rapid City. Under the new housing action plan, the administration addresses supply chain issues, housing affordability, and vows to work with private sectors to improve it.”