LOCAL NEWS: Biden Announces New Jobs, New Tunnel Thanks to Infrastructure Law

Yesterday, President Biden visited Baltimore, Maryland, to kick off a major Bipartisan Infrastructure Law project that will address the largest rail bottleneck on the Northeast Corridor between Washington, D.C. and New Jersey. The project will create 30,000 jobs — most of which will not require a college degree — and is yet another example of how President Biden is turning “infrastructure week” into an infrastructure decade. 

See below for what they’re reading in Maryland this morning about how President Biden and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are delivering results for the American people. 

Baltimore Sun: At ancient Baltimore tunnel that often delayed his travel, Biden touts ‘long overdue’ rail upgrades

“As a U.S. senator, Biden commuted between his home state of Delaware and Washington on Amtrak for years. The president said he had been through the tunnel 1,000 times while logging more than a million miles on the passenger railroad. ‘He’s been stuck by the delays of this tunnel many times,’ U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin, a Maryland Democrat, said during the program. The old tunnel, built during the post-Civil War administration of Republican President Ulysses S. Grant, is considered a bottleneck for Amtrak and MARC commuter trains because it forces them to creep along at 30 mph or less.”

CBS Baltimore: President Biden visits Baltimore to discuss upgrades to newly-named Frederick Douglass Tunnel

“The tunnel is slated to be replaced with help from the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure legislation, which is expected to significantly increase the capacity, speed and efficiency of the tunnel. When work is done, trains could go as fast as 110 mph as opposed to the 30 mph they travel right now because of the steep twists and turns inside the tunnel. ‘The structure is deteriorating, the roof is leaking, the floor is sinking,’ Biden said. ‘This is the United States of America for God’s sake, we know better than that.’”

Spectrum Local News: ‘Amtrak Joe’ Biden hails plans for big East Coast tunnel fix

“Greeted by the cheerful blare of a train horn, President Joe Biden stood Monday before a decrepit rail tunnel that he estimated he’s been through 1,000 times — fearing for decades it might collapse. ‘For years, people talked about fixing this tunnel,’ Biden told a crowd in Baltimore. ‘Back in the early ’80’s, I actually walked into the tunnel with some of the construction workers. … This is a 150-year-old tunnel. You wonder how in the hell it’s still standing.’ ‘With the bipartisan infrastructure law, though, we’re finally getting it done.’”