LOCAL NEWS: In Florida, Biden Blasts GOP for Putting Seniors’ Benefits ‘Under Siege’

Yesterday, President Biden rallied with Democrats in Florida where he highlighted the choice voters face between Democrats who are protecting seniors’ hard-earned benefits, and Republicans who are hellbent on cutting them. 

Here’s a look at what they’re reading in Florida…

WPTV: President Joe Biden in South Florida says Social Security, Medicare ‘under siege’ by Republicans

“Biden said both Social Security and Medicare are currently ‘under siege’ by Republicans. ‘Here in Florida, 21% of the people over the age 65 [receive Social Security],’ Biden said. ‘That’s the second highest [percentage] of any state in the country.’”

Local 10: Biden brings midterm message to South Florida

“He dinged Demings’ Republican opponent, Sen. Marco Rubio, for failing to back his Inflation Reduction Act, passed in August by the Democratic-led Congress. It includes several health care provisions popular among elderly people and the less-well-off, including a $2,000 cap on out-of pocket medical expenses and a $35 monthly cap per prescription of insulin. It requires companies that raise prices faster than overall inflation to pay Medicare a rebate. ‘Not one single Republican voted for it in the United States Senate,’ Biden told a crowd at Hallandale Beach community center. ‘Every single solitary Republican in Congress voted against these savings, including Sen. Rubio.’”

Spectrum News 13: In Florida visit, Biden says health care, federal programs ‘under siege’ from GOP

“Biden said people who pay into Social Security throughout their life deserve to have it there when they retire. ‘Those are more than government programs. They’re a promise, a promise we made as a country,’ he said. ‘Once you work hard and contribute, when it comes time to retire, we’re going to be there for you. We’re going to be there for the basic needs.’ The White House pointed out on Tuesday that 63 million Americans benefit from Medicare, 65 million from Social Security and 89 million from Medicaid.” 

Palm Beach Post: Biden defends Medicare drug negotiating while chiding Marco Rubio, Rick Scott

“Precisely, Biden praised the provision in the Inflation Reduction Act that, he noted, received a thumbs up from every congressional Democrat but zero votes from Capitol Hill Republicans. He particularly chided Rubio and fellow Florida Republican U.S. senator Rick Scott. Biden singled out Scott for offering up a proposal that would abolish federal programs that are not reapproved by Congress every five years, saying it put a target on Social Security and Medicare.”