LOCAL TV: DNC Chair Touts Benefits of Inflation Reduction Act

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison has been speaking to local TV stations across the country to make sure voters know how the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act will lower costs, fight inflation, and create good-paying jobs for middle class families. Here’s a look at what they’re watching:

In Arizona:

News 4 Tucson: DNC Chair Jaime Harrison: Inflation Reduction Act is a “Big Deal for Arizonans”

“Listen, this is a big deal,” Harrison said. “It’s a big deal for Arizonans, it’s a big deal for all Americans. In this legislation, we reduce the deficit, we tackle the issue of prescription drugs for the first time ever.”

In Florida: 

WTXL: DNC Chair on Inflation Reduction Act: “Big Win” for Floridians

“You all have a large number of seniors, in my home state of South Carolina has a large number of seniors – who are paying so much money out of pocket for prescription drugs,” Harrison said. “Well this bill allows Medicare, for the first time, to negotiate prescription drug costs. That’s major.” 

In Georgia: 

WRBL News 3: “It’s going to save lives,” DNC Chairman details how the Inflation Reduction Act benefits Columbus locals

One of the healthcare provisions within the bill allows Medicare to negotiate for 10 high-costing drugs starting in 2026 and eventually increase to 20 drugs by 2029, something Harrison believes will significantly impact families in Columbus. “So many folks like my grandmother are spending so much money on prescription drugs. It’s going to save a lot of people money, and it’s going to save lives,” said Harrison. “Instead of having to choose between getting your blood pressure medicine and keeping your lights on, you now will have more money in your pockets to do both.”

In Pennsylvania: 

NBC 10: DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Touts Inflation Reduction Act Benefits in Pennsylvania 

“This bill is going to have a dramatic impact on the lives of the American people,” said Harrison. … Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison [pointed out] Democrats passed this bill on their own.

 In Wisconsin: 

Spectrum News: Could tackling inflation impact Wisconsin’s energy prices?

Citing a rise in natural disasters across the country, DNC Chair Jamie Harrison applauded Democrats for passing a plan to reduce emissions by 40% by the year 2030.

“The earth is trying to send us a signal that folks, y’all need to do better,” Harrison said. “We’ve got to do something to address this, and this bill does that. We’re going to see lower energy costs across the country because many families are going to save hundreds of dollars on average, less emissions from our homes, more affordable renewable energy.”