LOL, There’s No Way Republicans Actually Believe This

Trump abused his power. Senate Republicans know that. But apparently they still believe he won’t do it again. Come on; he’s already tried to do it again!

Senator Portman thinks Trump now understands there can’t be any interference in the election. 

Portman: “I think the message has been delivered.”

Senator Ernst said she thinks Trump knows better than to do it again.

Ernst: “I think that he knows now that, if he is trying to do certain things — whether it’s ferreting out corruption there, in Afghanistan, whatever it is — he needs to go through the proper channels.”

Senator Collins believes Trump learned his lesson and will be “cautious” in the future.

Collins: Trump’s learned a “pretty big lesson” and will be “much for cautious” about seeking foreign assistance in the future.

Senator Alexander thinks Trump will think twice before abusing his power again…

Alexander: “I mean, enduring an impeachment is something that nobody should like. Even the president said he didn’t want that on his résumé. I don’t blame him. So if a call like that gets you an impeachment, I would think you would think twice before you did it again.”

…but Alexander can’t think of a single time Trump has learned his lesson about anything.

Washington Post:  “Then host Chuck Todd asked a fair question: ‘What example in the life of Donald Trump has [shown that] he [has] been chastened?’ Alexander conceded after a beat, ‘I haven’t studied his life that close.’”

AHEM: Trump has already tried to do it again. He pressed for another country to investigate his political rival — on national television!

Trump: “China should start an investigation into the Bidens, because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine.”