Lotter Can’t Spin Trump’s Atrocious Record Toward Women

In response to Marc Lotter’s event with the California Women’s Leadership Association PAC in Los Angeles today, Democratic National Committee spokesperson Maya Hixson released the following statement:

“Whatever Marc says today, he can’t spin his boss’ atrocious record and broken promises. Donald Trump’s disdain for women has never been a secret, and his contempt for our fundamental rights and dignities is on full display every day — from his misogynistic comments during last night’s rally in Michigan to his relentless attacks on women’s health care to his attempts to block women from accessing equal pay for equal work. That’s why women overwhelmingly rejected Trump in 2016, it’s why we defeated his Republican allies in 2018 in record numbers, and it’s why we’ll throw him out of office in 2020.”


Promise: “I will do more for women than anybody else.”

Promise: “We’re going to take care of women and women’s healthcare issues.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Burlington IA, 10/21/15]

Reality: Trump went to court to invalidate the entirety of the Affordable Care Act, which prohibits insurers from charging higher rates based on gender and medical history.

Reality: Trump’s administration has methodically moved to limit access to birth control and abortion.

Reality: Shortly after taking office, Trump revoked critical protections against pay disparities and workplace harassment.

Reality: Trump’s administration rescinded Obama-era campus sexual assault guidelines and narrowed its definition of sexual harassment.

Reality: Only three women serve in Trump’s Cabinet, the lowest number in nearly three decades.