MAGA Hot Mic: Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honor falls on one who is as extreme as they come – Arizona’s GOP gubernatorial nominee, Kari Lake.

Kari Lake touted Arizona’s abortion ban law that would not make any exceptions for rape or incest as a “great law.”

PolitiFact: “AZ GOP governor hopeful Lake called a near-total abortion ban law ‘great’”

Kari Lake: “I’m pro-life. I’ve never backed away from that and never will I.”

It doesn’t stop there. Lake has even said that she was “incredibly thrilled” to have and enforce a law that would criminalize doctors and people providing abortion care.

Kari Lake: “I’m incredibly thrilled that we are going to have a great law that’s already on the books… It will prohibit abortion in Arizona except to save the life of a mother. And I think we’re going to be paving the way and setting course for other states to follow.”

Axios: “Both Lake and Taylor Robson said they would support and enforce Arizona’s pre-Roe ban on abortion, which would prohibit the procedure in nearly all cases and would criminalize doctors who perform it.” 

Let’s be clear: Arizona’s draconian law is extremely dangerous and furthers what extreme Arizona Republicans and MAGA candidates like Kari Lake have called for all along – for women in Arizona to have less freedom to make their own health care decisions. 

New York Times: “The 1864 law, first established by the state’s territorial legislature, mandates a two- to five-year prison sentence for anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion. In 1901, the law was updated and codified.”

Washington Post: “The Arizona law threatens abortion providers with between two and five years in prison. It originated from a 1864 law and has no exception for victims of rape or incest.”

Kari Lake and the Republican Party continue to say the quiet part out loud – they are more concerned with pushing their extreme, anti-choice agenda than the reproductive health of Americans. Protecting reproductive rights is on the ballot in November.