MAGA Hot Mic: Arizona GOP Senate Nominee Blake Masters

Blake Masters: “I am 100% pro-life.”

In light of so many Republicans attempting to lie about their record on abortion, today’s MAGA Hot Mic falls on none other than Arizona GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters. 

Last week, Blake Masters made local and national headlines for his desperate attempts to hide his extreme stance on abortion. Let’s be clear, Blake Masters has gone on the record supporting a federal abortion ban and he cannot run from it. 

NBC News: “Masters’ website appeared to have been refreshed after NBC News reached out for clarification about his abortion stances. ‘I am 100% pro-life,’ Masters’ website read as of Thursday morning. That language is now gone. Another notable deletion: a line that detailed his support for ‘a federal personhood law (ideally a Constitutional amendment) that recognizes that unborn babies are human beings that may not be killed.’”

PolitiFact: “In an interview in December 2021, Masters was asked whether he would support a national law banning abortion. He said: ‘Yeah, I mean life is always worth protecting. … Certainly I’m running for U.S. Senate, at the federal level, I think Roe v. Wade should be overturned, and I do think we need a personhood amendment that recognizes (unintelligible) it’s a baby even before it’s born.’”

PolitiFact: “On his campaign website, Masters previously said he would ‘support a federal personhood law, ideally a constitutional amendment, that recognizes that unborn babies are human beings that may not be killed.’”

Since Kansas voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment, which would have paved the way for the GOP to outlaw abortion in the state, extreme MAGA candidates like Masters are doing everything they can to downplay their abortion extremism. The reality is Republican lawmakers and extreme MAGA candidates are all pushing the same dangerous, anti-choice agenda. Voters know better than to support GOP extremists like Blake Masters.