MAGA Hot Mic: Michigan Attorney General Candidate Matt DePerno

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honors fall on Michigan’s GOP nominee for attorney general, Matt DePerno. 

Matt DePerno, the extreme Republican running for chief law enforcement officer in the state of Michigan, is previewing his plans to ban Plan B, and even ludicrously compared Plan B to fentanyl.

Matt DePerno: “You have to stop it at the border; it’d be no different than like fentanyl…And it should be banned.”

Detroit Free Press: “Plan B, or levonorgestrel, is a hormone considered safe for helping to prevent pregnancy after intercourse by preventing or delaying ovulation. Since it doesn’t cause miscarriage or abortion, it is considered contraception… This is not the first time DePerno has appeared to attack access to contraception

Abortion extremism is the GOP agenda, and extremists like DePerno are setting a dangerous model for state lawmakers. If they gain power in November, Michigan Republicans may answer DePerno’s call and criminalize forms of birth control.