MAGA Hot Mic: Michigan’s 7th Congressional District GOP candidate Tom Barrett

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic falls on Michigan’s 7th Congressional District GOP candidate, Tom Barrett. 

We are calling out Tom Barrett as he joined other extreme MAGA candidates attempting to lie about their records on abortion. 

WILX10 Lansing: “It’s a trend political experts are seeing nationwide ahead of the mid-term election many Republicans trying to downplay their position on abortion.That includes state Sen. Tom Barrett, who’s running for Congress. He took down any mention of his pro-life stance over the weekend. Barrett’s website now criticizes Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s pro-choice position instead of focusing on his pro-life views.”

CNN: “Around the Supreme Court decision, Michigan congressional candidate Tom Barrett reportedly branded himself ‘100% pro life — no exceptions,’ a position he touted on the ‘values’ section of his campaign website. ‘Protecting individual rights includes protecting the unborn,’ the website read, adding that he and his wife had ‘been involved in the pro-life movement our entire lives’ and pledging that as an elected leader, he will ‘always work to protect life from conception.’ The values section from the website was scrubbed later in the month and after the Kansas results, according to the same archive.”

MAGA candidates like Barrett are doing everything they can to downplay their abortion extremism. The reality is that Republicans are too extreme to be in power, and voters know it. Barrett made clear Republicans will “always work to protect life from conception.” Make no mistake, reproductive rights are on the ballot in November, and Americans know better than to support abortion extremists like Tom Barrett.