MAGA Hot Mic: Mike Pence Doubles Down on National Abortion Ban

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic comes from none other than Trump’s former MAGA wingman — Mike Pence, who spoke at the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation yesterday to lay out his extreme, anti-choice “vision” for America 

Yesterday, Mike Pence said that one of the first things Republicans would do if they take power is try to ban abortion in EVERY STATE.

Mike Pence: “On January 22, 2023 we’re going to have pro-life majoririties in the House and the Senate and we’re gonna be taking the case for life to every state in America.” 

Pence has been at the forefront of the Republican Party’s radical crusade to ban abortion nationally for years. Last week, he doubled down on his anti-choice record, saying in an interview that he wouldn’t apologize for his radical plan to take away a woman’s fundamental right to make her own health care decisions.

Mike Pence: “I’ve often said I’m pro-life… I don’t apologize for it. I’d love to see the sanctity of life restored to the center of American law in all 50 states. But I recognize that may take as long to accomplish in every state in the country as it did to overturn Roe v. Wade…”

Let’s not forget: Mike Pence is the key architect of a radical policy blueprint that would ban medicated abortion pills including pills used to treat women who are suffering miscarriages. 

New York Times: “Former Vice President Mike Pence shared his vision for a post-Roe America on Thursday evening, supporting efforts to further limit abortion rights… and called for the end of abortion pills and ‘mail-order abortion.’”

Mike Pence is on an extreme crusade to make abortion illegal in all 50 states. That’s the GOP’s closing midterm message.