MAGA Hot Mic: New Mexico GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Mark Ronchetti

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honors fall on New Mexico GOP gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti. 

Mark Ronchetti is the latest Republican to lie about their extreme position on abortion. Ronchetti has repeatedly called himself  “strongly pro-life” and has promised to pursue an abortion ban if elected as governor of New Mexico. 

Washington Post: “Before: The New Mexico gubernatorial nominee ran for Senate in 2020 while calling himself ‘strongly pro-life’ and saying, ‘Life should be protected — at all stages.’ The day Roe v. Wade was overturned in June, his gubernatorial campaign website also described him as ‘strongly Pro-Life.’ Now: Ronchetti’s campaign website now says he’s ‘pro-life,’ without the ‘strongly.’ It adds: ‘… but as governor he will seek a middle ground with our legislature.’”

New Mexico Political Report: “Ronchetti has publicly stated that, if elected, he will seek to ban what he calls ‘partial-birth abortions’ by making it illegal after 15 weeks.”

With less than sixty days until Election Day, MAGA Republicans like Mark Ronchetti are desperately trying to downplay their extreme views to voters. But let’s be perfectly clear: Republicans are fooling absolutely no one — and Americans will hold them accountable for their anti-choice extremism come November.