MAGA Hot Mic: New York GOP Congressional Candidate Anthony “Don’t Quote Me” D’Esposito

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honors fall on the GOP nominee for New York’s 4th Congressional District, Anthony D’Esposito — who quite literally lied about his own extreme, anti-choice views within minutes in the span of an interview.

D’Esposito faces some steep competition with our other Hot Mic honorees (see: Blake Masters) between who can try to cover up their anti-choice extremism the fastest — but D’Esposito has them all beat by a long shot. In an interview, D’Esposito said that he would “probably” support Senator Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban, only to turn around and try to “rescind” his own extreme statements from just seconds prior.

Read the exchange below:

JOURNALIST: “Would you vote for a 15-week ban?”

D’ESPOSITO: “Um, probably.”


D’ESPOSITO SPOKESMAN: “We’d have to see the bill.”

JOURNALIST: “It’s 15 weeks.”

SPOKESMAN: “Yeah, I wouldn’t, like, quote anything.”

D’ESPOSITO: “Yeah, I rescind what I say when I say ‘probably.’”

Republicans like Anthony D’Esposito are trying (and failing) to hide their real agenda because they know they can’t run on their extreme, anti-choice records. But make no mistake about it: If Republicans like D’Esposito take control, we can’t trust them to protect a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.