MAGA Hot Mic: North Carolina Republicans Want to Allow Deadly Force on Women

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic moment comes from North Carolina GOP State Rep. Larry Pittman.

Before the Supreme Court even decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, North Carolina Republicans introduced legislation that would authorize the use of force against abortion providers and women seeking medical treatment — showcasing just how extreme the MAGA agenda is.

Business Insider: “A bill introduced last year in North Carolina is receiving fresh attention after critics noted that it would both define abortion as first-degree murder as well as authorize the use of deadly force to stop someone from terminating a pregnancy.”

Business Insider: “Pittman’s proposal is more extreme than even the total bans imposed in other states. HB 158 would amend North Carolina’s constitution to assert that life begins at the ‘moment of fertilization’ — and that a fetus can be protected with violence.”

North Carolina’s HB 158 is just another piece of legislation indicating where some Republican lawmakers want to go in their post-Roe world. Republicans are so extreme in their plans to ban abortion they’re willing to allow violence to stop women from making their own health care decisions.