MAGA Hot Mic: Rebecca Alexander

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic moment comes from Tennessee GOP State Rep. Rebecca Alexander.

After introducing her extreme abortion bill, Rep. Alexander confirmed family members, neighbors, or siblings of a rapist could bring suit against a minor who was raped and force them to pay the $10,000 fine if they decide to have an abortion. 

Rep. Freeman: “And you could have a rapist and that rapist could impregnate a young lady, a minor, and the rapist’s mother or father could bring suit against that minor if they decided to get an abortion, if this passes? […] I asked if their parent, sibling, friend, neighbor, spouse could bring suit against the minor, who was raped, to force them to pay the $10,000 fine if they decide to have an abortion?”

Rep. Alexander: “Can we go out of session for legal to specify that […] My assumption is that they could because it is any citizen other than the rapist.” 

Allowing for minors who were raped to be sued by neighbors for getting an abortion is so far out of the mainstream views of Americans. Rep. Alexander and MAGA Republicans have made their plans on banning abortion clear. We cannot allow their extreme, anti-choice agenda.