MAGA Hot Mic: Tennessee GOP State Rep. Ryan Williams

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honors fall on Tennessee GOP State Rep. Ryan Williams.

Ryan Williams suggested Tennessee’s draconian abortion bancould lead to prosecutions of in vitro fertilization (IVF) doctors and criminalizations of a procedure women rely on.  

Ryan Williams“A physician whom attempted to discard your unborn children would be violating the law as well as the rules promulgated by the Department of Health. Physicians can still be prosecuted for doing a very normal thing that happens during IVF.”

When a constituent reached out to Williams on how the the state’s abortion ban could impact her fertility treatments, he completely disregregarded her reproductive health and doubled down on his views arguing the law makes discarding embryos illegal.

Vanity Fair: “Tennessee resident Sara Chambers detailed a back-and-forth she said she had with her state representative, Ryan Williams, who signed Tennessee’s abortion ban—one of the most stringent in the country to date—and informed her that ‘life does begin at conception either in the womb or in the IVF clinic,’ and that discarding embryos would be a violation of state law, according to a screenshot of an email shown in the TikTok. ‘I admit it is an unusual question for someone who struggled to have children and wants children to ask the question ‘can I discard my embryos’ but I hope this answers your questions,’ he added vaguely, likely because the Tennessee law does not clearly encompass IVF.”

All in Her Head by Jessica Valenti: “During the call, Williams also doubled down on his assertion that the law makes discarding embryos illegal—he told Sara it would ultimately be up to local prosecutors whether or not to pursue criminal charges. Sara’s clinic is in Nashville, where the district attorney said he wouldn’t prosecute abortion cases—but Sara knows that the state attorney general can appoint special prosecutors if local DAs refuse to enforce certain laws.”

Tennessee’s current law on the books bans nearly all abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest, and even goes as far as punishing health care workers for providing life-saving procedures. Tennessee’s draconian abortion ban could now restrict women’s freedoms even further as Republican lawmakers in Tennessee, and across the country, are holding to their promise that overturning Roe was just the beginning.