MAGA Hot Mic: Tennessee To Outlaw Abortion This Week

MAGA Hot Mic today is a bit different. Instead of calling out an extreme MAGA Republican for their extreme positions on abortion, we are highlighting the devestating and dangerous bans going into effect across the country. On August 25, an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest will go into effect in Tennessee. 

The trigger law going to effect is extreme and dangerous – banning nearly all abortions. 

The Tennessean: “The trigger law contains no exceptions for rape or incest, even for victims of child sexual abuse.”

The Tennessean: “Gov. Bill Lee last week declined to answer specific questions regarding potential exceptions for child sexual abuse victims, including whether he believes a child who becomes pregnant should be required to carry the pregnancy to term and give birth, as the law requires. ‘Our focus right now is the implementation of the current law. And there hasn’t been a discussion of any revisions to that law,’ Lee said.”

It even goes as far as punishing health care workers for providing life-saving procedures.  

The Tennessean: “The trigger law will criminalize providers of abortion care, and the law includes no technical exceptions that many other state abortion bans do… The unusual carve out doesn’t protect doctors from being criminally charged for any abortion, even one performed to save the life of the patient.”

The Tennessean: “Some medical providers worry this could have a ‘chilling’ effect on their medical practice, as medical providers may choose to delay treatment for fear of legal liability, even in the absence of actual prosecution.”

Republican lawmakers in Tennessee, and across the country, are holding their promise that overturning Roe was just the beginning, and they could push for abortion bans with NO exceptions across the country. Women and the freedom to choose are victims of the GOP’s cling to power, and it’s critical Americans know this is what is at stake come November.