MAGA Hot Mic: Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic highlights callous anti-abortion comments made by the governor of Texas as he and other MAGA Republicans across the country push to implement draconian abortion bans that strip away women’s reproductive rights.

Governor Greg Abbott said during an interview that rape victims in Texas should take Plan B, an emergency contraceptive, in lieu of being able to access an abortion.

Dallas Morning News: “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said this week that although the state’s abortion ban makes no exception for rape or incest, victims of these crimes can take emergency contraception and call the police.”

KTRK: “On Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott told The Dallas Morning News that rape victims can take emergency contraception, like Plan B, to prevent a pregnancy. With abortion now banned in Texas, even in instances of incest or rape, the governor recommended the use of emergency contraception to ensure a victim of rape does not become pregnant.”

Let’s be clear: emergency contraceptives like Plan B are NOT abortion pills — something Governor Abbott, who is a main proponent of the strict abortion ban in Texas, clearly does not know.

Washington Post: “Emergency contraception is a single pill taken within three days of unprotected sex to prevent a pregnancy and is not related to abortion.”

US News & World Report: “These pills work by delaying or preventing ovulation. They are meant as a backup method of birth control. These medications are different from abortion pills, which terminate pregnancies.”

MAGA Republicans like Greg Abbott continue to show just how little they care or know about women’s reproductive health, as they continue their scorched earth strategy to push their extreme, anti-choice agenda.