MAGA Hot Mic: U.S. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic moment comes from none other than Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. 

Ron Johnson left the door open to supporting a federal ban on abortion in the future. 

Read Johnson’s full comments below: 

Johnson: “At what point does society have the responsibility to protect life? that’s the question on the table. I don’t think nine justices should decide it. I don’t think 535 members of Congress should decide it. I think it should be decided by the people, state-by-state, maybe sometime in the future. You know, maybe Congress can take a look at what the states have done and say ‘we probably ought to place this limit here,’ based on new information or whatever.”

Ron Johnson and extreme MAGA Republicans’ position on abortion is too extreme for Americans. If Republicans gain power, a national abortion ban could become reality, and that’s why reproductive rights are on the ballot this November.